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Taking place on Thursday, 27th April 2023 at The Grand Hotel, Colmore Row, The PROPS Awards are set to raise vital funds for Variety, the Children’s Charity.

If there’s a company, a team, or an individual you feel deserves special recognition for their outstanding work then fill in the form below and nominate them for one of the 2023 PROPS awards by Tuesday 31st January 2023.

Ahead of the second Midlands PROPS Awards, we spoke to James Mattin, managing director of Bond Wolfe and headline sponsor about how his involvement in the event in aid of Variety, and what’s next for Bond Wolfe following a very successful year.

Why did Bond Wolfe want to get involved with the PROPS?

“I was originally approached by Variety to do an auction at charity ball and this led to being involved on the board of the event last year as well as being a headline sponsor. Money was raised for a bus that was much needed and this will be on display outside The Grand Hotel at the event in April!

“We allocate funds every year towards certain charities and get a lot of requests to support things, and unfortunately, you can’t do everything. With Variety, you can see it firsthand exactly how that money is physically going to help people.

“The event itself is bespoke property – it’s a perfect fit for us. We don’t do anything else. We are all things property”.

How do you see the commercial property sector in the Midlands?

“Despite all of the doom and gloom out there, the markets been very buoyant ever since COVID. It’s been the polar opposite of what we expected.

“There’s been a lot of people spending cash who decided that we don’t know where’s safe to put our money anymore. And so the advice and the roads have led them to commercial property. So for us, it’s been great.

“We’ve seen a big upward curve in terms of sales and as COVID has been less at the forefront, it’s still continued. And even with the big recent interest rate hikes and we thought right this is everything will grind to a halt. That’s not been the case.

“At the moment I’ve not seen any fall off really in terms of how much we’re transacting. I tend to be more upbeat than a lot of people in our sector and I’m still confident that the market will will be fairly robust. We’re gonna we are gonna see a bit of cooling off there’s no getting away from that but not in my opinion not to the extent that that others might be predicting”.

What’s next for Bond Wolfe?

“It’s been a record year by an absolute country mile as a business. We’ve just acquired a 50% stake in a management business and there’s other businesses we’re actually looking at at the moment. We’re on a very aggressive expansion curve.

“Things like the market and the wider economy, won’t influence us in terms of whether we see another business is the right fit for us. We’re very busy, things are really positive”.

The awards are on the 27th of April, what are you most looking forward to about the evening?

“I was blown away by how much each award meant to the winners last year. Even those that were nominated that didn’t actually win! So I’m looking forward to celebrating with everyone in the room.

“The night is a great chance to interact and network – the sector is so closely knitted together, so it’s a good opportunity to see people we’ve previously done business with or looking to do business with.

“Also, across the property sector, people are so generous when it comes to charity events. I’m sure a great amount of money can be raised again”.


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